Chemical products for swimming pools in Modica

Inaqqua supplies products to maintain swimming pools

A swimming pool gives its users the chance to enjoy amazing relaxing and funny moments with their friends and family. If you are willing to repeat such nice moments, you need also to take care of your swimming pool. Inaqqua offers a wide variety of chemical products for swimming pools in Modica, which guarantee the correct routine procedures and the solution to specific problems. Such products are crucial for the treatment of the swimming pool edges, for the sanitization of the filtration systems and are suitable to turn the swimming pool into not only a funny and relaxing, but also healthy and clean place. In its store it is possible to take a look at a great variety of products.

Detergents, disinfectant detergents and sanitizers: these products are perfect to clean the swimming pool walls and avoid the formation of lime scale. They are ideal to eliminate lime scale from the filters, skimmers and furniture. 

Anti-algae: they avoid the formation of algae on the bottom and walls of the swimming pool. Many products make sure both normal swimming pools and Jacuzzis are correctly cleaned. 

Sequestrants: they prevent calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and copper salts to scale the coatings and accessories of the swimming pool.
Flocculants: they allow the polluting elements to coagulate and help eliminate them to obtain crystal clear water without particles. They help prevent the formation of bacteria and make sure the water is healthy.

Winterizing chemicals: useful to preserve the water in the swimming pool during the winter. They prevent the formation of algae and scale on the walls, bottom, filters and covers. They facilitate the cleaning operations in spring.

Auxiliary products: they prevent the formation of foam due to polluting elements like sun protection creams or anti mosquito lotions. They help keeping the pH stable and make the water clear. 

pH, alkalinity, hardness adjusters: keep the water of the swimming pool suitable for its use.

Chlorate disinfectants-bromine: disinfect water and prevent the formation of algae and organic substances.

Chlorination complimentary products: improve the quality of water, having an effect on the amount of chlorine. They also help eliminate sweat, saliva, sun creams, pollens and all the external agents in water.

Analysis test kits: they are used to measure the water quality.

Complimentary products: floor detergents, glass detergents and insecticides.