In-ground swimming pools in Modica

Concrete or prefabricated steel swimming pools

The installation of an in-ground swimming pool is the best way to make your outdoor space precious. The wide range of Inaqqua’s in-ground swimming pools in Modica are designed for villas, private areas, or for collective and public purposes. After the staff will reach the area where the customers want their swimming pool built, it is possible to analyse the hypotheses to build it. There are two different types of installations that may be carried out. 

The first one consists in building a concrete in-ground swimming pool. This type of work starts from using reinforced concrete to build the walls. The second method consists in using prefabricated walls made of zinc-coated steel. Many shapes and sizes are therefore possible, like no other system is able to create. This is a very valid building system that implies a quicker and easier procedure to get the necessary permits and shortens the amount of time to build it. Both procedures to build in-ground swimming pools guarantee excellent resistance and last in time. The consulting services provided by Inaqqua’s team enables the clients to customize their own swimming pool. Infinity swimming pools are perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment and the water flowing over the edge is collected by a specific overfill control system.
It is also possible to use a skimmer system where skimmers are placed along the superior edge of the pool. A very common solution, together with the traditional skimmer system, is the skimmer infinity system, which is a compromise between the classic skimmer system and the refined infinity swimming pool. Inaqqua’s team will be able to give advice to the clients for their top-quality in-ground swimming pools in Modica.