Swimming pool covers in Modica

Inflatable, winter and safety covers

Unless you have an indoor pool, there is a time of the year when you are forced to cover your swimming pool with a cover. Unless it seems an easy procedure that does not require much attention, the swimming pool cover is a crucial element to protect it. Inaqqua, in order to protect your swimming pool during the winter, supplies swimming pool covers in Modica. There are many different types, all with different specifications. They are very important to cover the swimming pool during the winter and eliminate the running costs. They enable the owners to recycle or reuse the water contained in the pool for the following summer. From the innovative Cover Air model to the more classic ones, the range of swimming pool covers in Modica by Inaqqua includes many models.

Cover Air: it is the new generation cover, ideal for every swimming pool. Its elastic composition enables you to inflate a huge amount of air and eliminate the risks and dangers of the classic winter covers. The cover will have a convex shape that will prevent stagnant and unhealthy water, leaves, dirt accumulating, making them slide to the external part of the pool. Children and pets will not fall into it. Its elastic conformation facilitates its installation, which requires only simple elastics and dowels. 

Thermal covers: they are ideal for the swimming pools with heated water. In this way you may use them also after the end of the summer.

Net covers: they are not true covers to protect the swimming pool from dirt and bad weather conditions. It improves the resistance to the footsteps and prevents kids or small pets falling into the swimming pool.

Safety covers: they combine the features of the classic winter covers to a high degree of safety. The risk of accidents will be remarkably reduced.

Roller-shutter covers: they are one of the best methods to cover a swimming pool. They are completely electrical and positioned on one side of the pool. They are invisible, but once you start them with a controller they slide and cover the whole swimming pool. They are winter covers and weigh up to eighty kilos. 

Telescopic pool enclosures: they are ideal to use the swimming pool also during the winter if it is equipped with a heating system.

Large covers: they are mainly aimed to the public sector and comply with all requirements included in the current laws. There are three main types: pressostatic, geodesic and tensile covers.