Inaqqua designs and realizes your swimming pool

Inaqqua Designs and Realizes the Pool of Your Dreams.

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Inaqqua - pool design

Inaqqua cares very much the design phase of a swimming pool for this, using the best CAD technologies and professional profiles of the highest level. Our designers have made the necessary surveys and after interviewing the customer to acquire the information they need to begin to imagine the most appropriate forms and technical solutions.
Drafting of the project requires variable times and commitments; our staff is always at full customer service and has as its sole purpose the attainment of the objective that is summarized in the highest customer satisfaction with respect to its expectations.

Inaqqua - Swimming pool construction

Once the revisions are made, the project, in its final 3D drawing, is viewed and accepted by the customer. From now on Inaqqua staff starts all the necessary procedures for starting work. Selected materials, pre-designed in design, are obtained from our trusted suppliers. Within a few days, the yard will come to life and work on the pool will begin. All the materials used, both technical and aesthetic and furnishing for the part of the solarium, are certified and of the highest quality. We offer a wide choice of solutions to make the finished product exactly coincide with your pool ideal.

Inaqqua realizes the pool of your dreams

Now everything is ready to be able to swim by the pool and to make the inaugural dive. Inaqqua finished working and tested the structure, will always stay at your side; our goal is to make the end customer experience always optimal, so we provide after sales assistance and advice whenever it is required. For us it is important that your pool is always at the top for this we offer a wide range of chemicals and cleaners for the good maintenance of the structure.
Do not hesitate to call for free advice or request a lookup, call Inaqqua, our technician will be ready to answer your questions.

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