Above ground swimming pools in Modica

Above ground swimming pools

It is not always possible to build in-ground swimming pools in every garden. It depends on the small area available and the working licences. Anyway, the above ground swimming pools in Modica are the best solution for those who appreciate the pleasures of having a swimming pool in their garden. Furthermore, if you have an above ground swimming pool, you will limit the efforts of having a fixed structure and you will save on the excavation and construction works. The above ground swimming pool is the simplest way to enjoy a swimming pool. Inaqqua is the official retailer of Piscine Laghetto, an Italian brand which manufactures top quality and comfortable swimming pools. Inaqqua supplies and installs above ground swimming pools in Modica. They may be rigid or soft above ground swimming pools, all customizable according to the clients’ tastes.

• Dolcevita: it is a rigid swimming pool available in three variations. It is made with a stainless and zinc-coated steel structure and the pool is coated with high-resistant polyester and polymer fibres. It is equipped with a filtration and water treatment system patented by Laghetto, Led lights, access stairs with a safety systems for kids and mud aspiration system to clean the bottom. Counter current system, heat pump, corner bench with Jacuzzi, covers and level control system available.

• Playa: this swimming pool is small but equipped with great comforts. Ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, it has a heated Jacuzzi system and handmade finishing. It is equipped with a filtration and water treatment system patented by Laghetto and Led lamps. 

• Pop!: it is a soft swimming pool with a rounded shape. The swimming pool structure is made of polyester with waterproof PVC and may be customized with trendy colours; the structure is UV resistant. It is very long lasting. It is equipped with a skimmer infinity filtration system that guarantees clean water.

• Classic: it is the most popular soft swimming pool system in Italy and abroad. Its latest versions come from an evolution, which lasted more than forty years, enabling Laghetto to become a leading company in this sector. It comes in a rectangular or rounded shape.