Inaqqua in Modica

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Inaqqua in Modica was founded by some partners with a long experience, who decided to develop their project after many years spent working in the swimming pool industry. The knowhow gained in this special field has enabled them to face every problem in the design and execution of their job. Only if you consider the complete project you will be able to satisfy the clients’ requests and desires. The experience gained in the field and the passion of its associates enable Innaqua to be a flexible and dynamic company, which follows every phase from the design to the realization of a swimming pool. Innaqua’s services start from the survey of the area where the clients want their swimming pool. From that moment on the team will give many suggestions, which come from their experience in similar situations. From the survey and the first analyses, the 3D rendering of the project is then realized and the clients receive a first glimpse of their swimming pool. In this way the company has time to think about and find the most suitable solutions for its clients. Inaqqua offers the survey of the area and the project for free. This initial phase finishes when the quote is sent with no obligation. The clients have precise and punctual information about the costs to build their swimming pool.

In-ground, above ground swimming pools, maintenance and furniture

Inaqqua offers many opportunities to create an area for a swimming pool. After the initial survey, the graphic project and the quote, you will have the chance to choose among various products. The most precious ones are the in-ground swimming pools and Jacuzzis. They come in any shape and size requested by the clients. It is possible to use zinc-coated steel panels or build them ex novo with concrete walls. Inaqqua is also the official supplier of Piscine Laghetto, a made in Italy brand specialized in above ground swimming pools. Inaqqua’s work does not finish when the pool is filled, but goes on with the supply of chemical products and robot cleaners to maintain the swimming pools. Furthermore, the area close to the pool may be customized with a wide range of accessories and garden furniture. Therefore, the swimming pool area will be entirely customized according to the clients’ desires. The desire to satisfy every request is reflected also by the easy credits and payments available.